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The awning, as a modern product, experienced a great evolution in terms of structures which are used in production, and high quality materials in terms of fabric which is used in their production.

The company was established 30 years ago and was engaged in arranging interior decoration like restaurants, bars, offices and homes. After a short time, with the cooperation of few the most renowned international companies, we are trying to increase attention on the protection from the sun. In that role, between other products, most important position certainly has awning, the oldest way of sun protection.

Recognizing the need for this product, and bearing in mind complexity of our market, we have made an effort to offer parallel high-quality and affordable product. High quality, professionalism in business, features present HARMOLUX,which is more than 20 years dedicated to one product - awning.

Today, the company owns a production hall in Poličnik (1500 m²), in which HARMOLUX develops new programs and directions. With new partners, and new ideas, HARMOLUX will expand product range. We constantly work to innovate and find better solutions for sun protection.


We are a general representative of “ PARA – Italy“, one of the world's leading manufacturers of acrylic fabrics for internal and external use. The quality of the materials we use, perhaps are the greatest asset of our company.Weatherproof, HARMOLUX products found their way to the consumers. Fabric retains color regardless of the intensity and heat of the sun, and its strength combined with strength of awnings construction, also manufactured from selected quality materials,resist the wind better than ever. We are proud to say, that thanks to our partners, we produce the highest quality and reliability products on the market.

Harmolux, awnings, Zadar


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