Tenax fastener, upper and lower part, with big head.

DOT Common Sense

DOT Common sense, famous Scovill’s turn button.

Turnable staple 42 x 22

Turnable staple for oval eyelet 42 x 22, steel zinc plated, with INOX spring.

Synthetic turnable staple 42 x 22

Synthetic turnable staple for oval eyelet 42 x 22.

Small turn button 22,5 x 13,5

Small turn button for oval eyelet 22,5 x 13,5, stainless steel.

Press buttons

Press buttons, assortment of cap, eyelet, ball and rivet, stainless steel.


Eyelets, rounded and oval.


Minax fastener, synthetic material, upper and lower part.


Velcro, hook and loop tape.

DABOND ® Machine sewing thread

* high strenght
* bonded for faster sewing
* salt water degration resistant
* mildew proofed
* controlled strech
* abrasion resistant
* sunlight stabilised
* needle head resistant


Guides in alluminium and PVC.

PASKAL Jacket type zipper

PASKAL Jacket type zipper in acryl, type 1 with double slider and auto lock, type 2 with single slider in metal, and continuos zipper without end pieces or sliders. Special waterproof G lock, and S lock zippers, for better water repellence.


BUNGEE LOOP Flat cover tensioner with knob, cover body and shock cord. The cover body is secured to the prepierced cover with a counterpart. The shock cord can be easily place over the bolt knob.


Malmoe Resinato is used for manufacturing total or partial boat covers for crafts as well as sunshades, with omni-directional tension resistance. Textiles for marine applications often need to be 100 % waterproof but also breathable, allowing the passage of the air in order to avoid uncomfortable condensation. Tempotest Malmoe Resinato was tested for 2 years in Scandinavian winter sea conditions, and demonstrated complete dimensional stability even where ice formation was present.



Lindemann – Lindemann is an importer and major stockist for numerous well-known brands and supplies water sport and industrial customers all over europe. Our product range includes equipment from A to Z for Sailing hardware, yacht fittings, chandlery, wire ropes, yacht ropes, as well as special components for architectural ropes and industrial purposes. Our customers are water sport shops, boat- and shipyards, sail makers, saddlers, riggers, rope manufacturers and specialised industrial companies.


Scovill – Scovill Fasteners, founded in 1802, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of a diverse range of Apparel and light Industrial fasteners that meet the demands of many applications requiring quality and durability. From product design and delivery to application, products offered include high-performance buttons, zippers, snap fasteners, grommets and washers as well as attaching machine equipment and expert technical support. In addition, Scovill offers custom metal stamping for various markets requiring metal components for finished products.


Mehler – Mehler Texnologies is one of the internationally leading companies on the market for coated fabrics. We produce and distribute annually more than 50 million m² material under the brand names VALMEX®, POLYMAR® and AIRTEX®. Our customers are found in processing industries. More than 60 years of development and production experience are the basis for our mature products. Continued research and development improve existing compound materials and open new application areas.


Tempotest MARINE – Parà Industrial Group is a family company founded in 1921 which for three generations has been producing textiles with outstanding aesthetic and technical qualities used for sun protection,indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories, and marine.


Lederplast – Since 1973 we work in a quiet mountain village. We produce synthetic leather, also known as faux leather or artificial leather.


PASKAL – Globally recognized for its expertise in molding thermoplastic zippers, Paskal has been manufacturing specialised fasteners since 1978 and has become one of the world's leading leading zippers and fastener manufacturers.